Maggie Adams, Songwriter


Songs for Singers

Listen With Lyrics  (A-Z)  Genre Demo Vocalist/s  
Beautiful World  Jazz Mark Gilroy  
Belle Of The Ball  Stage Show
Hannah Blake  
Bitter & Twisted  Jazz Helena Johnson  
Didn't See It Coming  Celtic/Acoustic Danny Friel  
Don't Let Me Down  Acoustic Pop
Chloe Anna  
Drop Dead Gorgeous (country)  Acoustic/country
Rachel Martin  
Fascination  Stage Show
Hannah Blake  
Feel It  Retro Pop
Helena Johnson
Flying With The Angels  Rock
Mark Pierce  
Glory Glory  Christmas/Jazz Helena Johnson
Guilty Little Secret  Jazz
Helena Johnson  
He Shouldn't Have Let Her  Jazz
Hannah Blake  
Hello God  Rock
Mark Pierce  
Here Comes The Band  Jazz
Helena Johnson  
Home  Celtic/Acoustic
Jack Alan   
Human  Pop/Rock Mark Gilroy
I Still Remember  Stage Show
Hannah Blake  
If I Didn't Have You  Celtic/Acoustic
Mark Pierce  
It's Time To Wake Up  Rock Mark Pierce  
I Want To Thank You  Stage Show
Richard Kay  
Killing Time  Pop/Rock Mark Pierce  
Killing Time (Radio Edit)  Pop/Rock Mark Pierce  
Let The Music Play  Stage Show Richard Kay & Rachel Martin  
Little Angel  Stage Show
Hannah Blake  
Love Me Tender  Blues Rock
Love Of My Life  Retro Pop Helena Johnson
My Beautiful Friend  Acoustic/Folk
Sarah Atkin  
My Soul  Jazz
Ben Trigg  
My Soul Will Still Go On  Celtic/Acoustic
Steve Dylan
Oblivion  Rock Mark Pierce  
Paradise  Stage Show Richard Kay
Patrick  Stage Show
Sarah Atkin  
Rain  Jazz
Helena J/Rachel Martin
Running Scared  Stage Show
Hannah Blake  
Running Scared with Reprise  Stage Show
Richard Kay  
Sail Around The World  Pop/Rock Mark Pierce  
Seventeen  Rock
Mark Pierce  
Shooting Star  Acoustic Pop
Chloe Anna  
Soulmate  Retro/Rock
Sweet Little Bird  Stage Show
Hannah Blake  
The Keeping Kind  Musical Pop Rachel Martin
The Tide Is Turning  Acoustic
Steve Gilmour
Thinking  Blues/Rock
Helena Johnson  
Time Of My Life  Blues/Rock
Tiny Fingers  Pop Ballad Chloe Anna
To Sleep With You  Pop/Rock
Mark Gilroy  
Too Close For Comfort  Rock Pablo  
White White Christmas  Christmas/Jazz
Mark Gilroy  
Why Is It?  Blues/Rock Mark Pierce
Will I Still Want You?  Acoustic/Country
Mark P/Rachel Martin  
Wonders Never Cease  Rock
Mark P/Sarah Atkin  
You Blow Me Away  Rock
Julie Dorgan  
You Take My Breath Away  Stage Show
Hannah Blake  
You Take My Breath Away  Jazz Nigel Smith

Produced & engineered by Mark Pierce (Revelator)