Maggie Adams, Songwriter


©Tunecode: 138386KM
Demo vocals: Sarah Atkin



She was sitting in the sunshine
Making mud-pies for Patrick
She paused for a moment
She was sucking her thumb
She was telling him Grandad
Was coming for dinner
That Grandad was old
And that old meant "not young"

Time passes by
In the
blink of an eye
Memories linger

She picked up a rag
And she dipped it in a puddle
Then slowly and tenderly
Washed Patrick's face
She whispered “I love you”
And gave him a cuddle
Then desperately hard
Tried to tie Patrick's lace

Alas she was beaten
This miniature mother
Defeated, she sat there
Sucking her thumb
“When I'm a big girl
I'll tie laces, Patrick
Wear high heels and lipstick
Be just like my mum”

Time has passed by
In the blink of an eye
Memories linger...

I started to laugh
And she looked up quite shyly
Embarrassed to find
I'd heard all that was said
Then she started to giggle
And running towards me
She tripped over Patrick
I ached as she bled

She cried for a while
As I held her close to me
The love that I felt
No words could convey
For the sweet little girl
Who once was inside me
Playing with her doll
On that warm summers day

I n s t r u m e n t a l

Now we’re up in the attic
We’re searching for Patrick
Although we can't see him
We know he is there
Biological clock
We can hear your tick-tock

Time passes by
n the blink of an eye
Memories linger

True story, Patrick was my daughter's doll - now she has a son called Patrick.
Time passes much too fast that's why we make memories.